Triage BLU-RAY

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Triage is the feature directorial debut of the award-winning Paul Wilde. There’s never a dull moment in these horny hospital halls, where the colossal cocks ache for a cure. Check in to Folsom Medical and check out the 11 hot studs ready to make your stay memorable, led by Marco Blaze, Tony Buff, Dirk Jager and Rick van Sant. While cleaning up the exam room, Marco Blaze is distracted by Dirk Jager—who soon inspects the orderly’s tonsils. Blaze opens his hole for the dirty doc, who takes turns fucking him with Rick van Sant and Frank Philipp. While busting his balls as a janitor, Gio Forte whips out his cock to stroke out the tension. When doc Kurt Weber stumbles upon the action, the two engage in a passionate flip fuck. Back in the exam room, Frank Philipps’s balls itch for a saline injection, which swells his sac to melon-like proportions. Rick van Sant joins in for some sounding action, then bends over to get fisted by Philipp and the stroking Marco Blaze. In the break room, slurping sounds between Bryan Slater and Charly Diaz awaken a slumbering Daniel Holden. He joins in the fun—including a memorable fuck train. Firemen Tony Buff and Colton Steele are stocking up supplies, but their hoses need a release. After sucking on Tony, Colton submits to unforgettable procedures including catheterization and mummification with bandages before getting plowed. The Blu-ray™ version gives you the option of viewing the retail edit or the director’s expanded edit, which features fisting and extreme fetish play. Both hot, both intense – your choice to watch what turns you on! Requires a Blu-ray™ disc player or Sony Playstation 3 to view, cannot be viewed with a standard DVD player.
Marco Blaze, Tony Buff, Charly Diaz, Gio Forte, Daniel Holden, Dirk Jager, Frank Philipp, Bryan Slater, Colton Steele, Rick van Sant, Kurt Weber 
Paul Wilde
Verenigde Staten van Amerika
195 minuten

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