Sneaker Sex VII: Gangster Alarm DVD

Sneaker Sex
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The newest and hottest iron forged by luxure directed by Aly Lyck is a follow up of the highly successful COP CONTROL. Recently shot, GANGSTER ALARM comes to the shops in december 2008. Of course sneakers and socks are in the center of attention but hot asses and submissive faces can´t get enough of dick as well…


Three cool boys cruise through Berlin in a cool motor listening to loud hip hop music. They let nothing pass them by: in a clothes shop the sales assistant watches gang member Toby in the changing room as he takes off his cool Shox. When caught in the act, the sales assistant then gets them pressed into his face. In a public toilet Benny meets a willing victim who sucks his cock and licks his sneakers. In a basement Basti is fucked by two masked guys and they degrade him using their sneaks and socks. Gang boss Ronny, who is actually on the way to drum practice, meets a horny little skater boy in the tram. He quickly writes "" on the window, takes advantage of his willing, submissive victim and gets his sneakers licked, forces him to the floor and presses his sweaty socks and then his dick in his face.

Timo, Chris Forny, Jaden Idol, Toby, Ronny, Benny, Max, Basti Winkler, Marcel Hoffmann 
Oliver Luck
Sneaker Sex
166 minuten