Chicken Patrol 2 DVD

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It's a great life in the Boy scouts of Brazil. A wide variety of young and hungry bodies gather for workouts and nookie in the forests of South America.

Following morning calisthenics, two delightful young things hike across a cascading stream. Marcos #1, a pretty, dark, flop-haired youth takes on the hefty meat of Paulo who soon has Marcos clutching a branch and thrusting his pretty, shaved boy-butt back to get full penetration from Paulo's rock-hard cock. Paulo's humping intensifies to the painful delight of Marcos. They kneel on a rock and trade places before spraying thick, white cum into the sparkling stream.

Handsome Rafael, still in braces, shows off his beautiful, smooth body and enormous dick, a good ten inches of sex-rod stiffness. He is joined by Rafael #2, a gorgeous boy with magnificent muscles and a jawbreaker of a cock. Together they corner tightly muscled twink, Renato, who soon settles down to feed off both mighty weapons. Renato's tiny, tight ass hole is stretched by Rafael #1's long shaft. That Rafael then becomes the bottom and Renato the sandwich in a three-way fuck. Now the boy gets a double penetration as, miraculously, both horse cocks drive into Renato's pert little ass. Renato moans in both pain and pleasure at the attention from his two big-boy mates and they all spurt gobs of creamy jizz over him.

Blond Jean and Marcos #2 waste no time in getting to it, with Marcos taking Jean's hefty cock in a breathless, pounding fuck before they cum together by a rock.

Finally a stunning pair of boys: dark Fernando and fair Alemao frolic in the evening sun and Alemao has his sweet, hairless fuck hole plowed by thick dicked Fernando, who sprays his pal's golden body with his boy essence.

Wow! These Brazilian babes put on quite a show and will certainly please lovers of fresh meat in wide open spaces.

Paulo, Marcos, Rafael, Renato, Rafael, Jean, Marcos, Fernando, Alemao 
Nelson De Oliveira
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